First year in review


It is now exactly one year ago we officially started Ahoot Media IVS and a lot has happened since then. This blog will review our first year and talk about what our future plans are.


The past


The first project we worked on was Bactopia - a game for children about microorganisms and the importance of washing hands. During our time working on this project we applied for several funds, but all our applications got rejected because we didn’t have any experience as a firm yet or because there was no perceived market potential. Therefore we set out to make a very small game mobile game, which sole purpose was to prove that we can make games. Thus, Sequence Nine was born during a game jam in december 2015.

During january 2016 we stumbled upon The Unity Game Developer Contest, you can read more about the contest here: Sequence Nine Windows version was released on Windows Phone in february 2016, and won an honorable mention in the contest, with a Unity Pro License for Windows as a prize and a lot of confidence in our game as a bonus. It was also during this time Bactopia was shelved (we might still get back to it some day!) because the game had grown too big and we couldn’t afford to make it without funding.

After Bactopia was shelved we turned our focus towards acquiring contract work, so we could fund another game production. During this time, we started up a lot of small projects with different people, but the projects never became a reality for many different reasons. A full version of Sequence Nine was still under production, but because of our lack of funds, didn’t have top priority. During summer 2016 we decided that we wanted to finish Sequence Nine and dropped searching for contract work. While Sequence Nine took a lot longer than initially planned, we released Sequence Nine 1st of september and we’re very happy with the way the game turned out. While the game doesn't have the largest number of downloads (around 5000 on iOS and Android combined at this point) it’s getting good reviews and most people really seem to like it.

Since the release of Sequence Nine, we have been very busy with a lot of different projects and teaching game development. We held a ‘Game Camp’ during the autumn break 2016, in which we introduced 25 primary school students to the world of game development, as well as other events like the Game Hub Game Jam, which is a series of jams held at the Game Hub Denmark incubator where our office is located.


The future


Right now we have 3 things we want to do moving forward. While we have lots of projects we want to do in the future, there are only 3 things we know for certain.

First of all, we will be continuing doing events and education related projects, because we really enjoy hosting these. It’s amazing to see how creative and productive people of all ages can be once you give them an opportunity to create and share handcrafted game experiences.

Secondly, we will continue to improve and make content for Sequence Nine. As for the immediate future of Sequence Nine, we are adding an in app purchase that removes all ads and gives unlimited hints and the updated version of Sequence Nine will be released on Windows Phone as well. Many people have been asking for more levels for Sequence Nine and we can confirm we have something planned, but we don’t know when we’ll have them done.

Last but not least, we have started development on a new game. It’s a game for mobile / tablet and it’s math related. We will share much more information about this game when we get a little bit longer into the development process.

by Lars Tornbjerg [17-11-2016 09:17:12]