Ahoot Media is an independant game studio located in Grenaa, Denmark. The studio was established 2015 by David Recke, Nichlas Nielsen and Lars Tornbjerg. Our goal is to create educational games in which the learning is gained through the game mechanics.



Ahoot Media is established by David, Emil, Nichlas and Lars, who all met on GameIT College (2010-2013), a school that combines college and game development. The team split up into different educations after graduating, but decided during the summer 2015 to start up a game development studio. This became a reality in november 2015 where Ahoot Media was established.



Ahoot media is located in Grenaa, Denmark in the Game Hub Denmark office. Game Hub is an ecosystem consisting of game education, innovation and incubation. For more information on Gamehub go to http://gamehubscandinavia.dk/ or follow them on twitter @gamehubscan